Choosing The Perfect Residential Electrical Remodel Company For All Electrical Needs

Things for Your Electrical and Lighting Plan

After giving a general overview last week of what’s needed for the specifications for the plumbing, mechanical and electrical subs, I thought it would be helpful to go into more detail about the lighting and electrical plan that you will have to give to the electrician.  There is so much to consider.  I’ll give you a list of 50 suggestions that you can use as a checklist to help you develop a pretty complete electrical and lighting plan before you even meet your builder or electrician for the lighting walkthrough. 

The lighting walkthrough typically happens in the rough-in stage, after framing is complete and before the drywall goes up.  Usually the homeowner will walk through the framed house with the electrician and/or builder and discuss where fixtures, outlets and light switches will go. 

But thinking through the electrical and lighting plan well before you do the electrical walkthrough will allow you more time to consider exactly what features and outlets we want, and where. This decreases the chances of you forgetting an outlet or light switch somewhere.  It will also give you an opportunity to develop more detailed specifications so you can get more accurate electrical bids before construction even begins.    You may want to do a walkthrough by yourself a time or two when developing your lighting plan, just so you can get your thoughts together and not feel rushed when you do the official walk through with the electrician and/or builder

It’s probably best to make a written, room by room list of fixtures and features plus mark your house plan where the electrical fixtures, outlets and light switches will go.  You can use different colored dots or symbols for light switches, outlets, recessed can lights, under cabinet lighting, and lighting fixtures, such as wall scones, table lamps, floor lamps and chandeliers.  For example, you might symbolize all recessed can lights with black dots and light switches with red dots. Outlets could be blue and lighting fixtures could be green.  If you really want to be helpful (and a little Type A), after you figure out what exact lighting fixtures you want to go in each room, you paste a photo of the fixture to a paper copy of your house plan.  Paste each lighting fixture photo on the diagram of the room where it will go. That will serve as a master guide for your electrician when he installs your fixtures toward the end of the build.

Now about these electrical and lighting plan suggestions… most likely, not all of the suggestions will work for your family, house and lifestyle.  Use what works for you and leave the rest.  And keep in mind, these tips should go to into your preliminary lighting/electrical plan. You’ll want to go over the preliminary electrical plan and marked up house plan with your electrician and/or builder to see if they have any additional suggestions that would make your lighting plan more functional or more economical. 


Everyone experiences a need for electrical remodeling at some point. Needs change within homes and businesses, and electrical work often has to change as well. Your home or office may need to be updated to comply with electrical codes, outlets may need to be added or moved, expansions and renovations could call for rewiring, or modern appliances may require a different kind of electrical supply. Regardless of the need for electrical remodeling, one thing is for certain: it’s a delicate process that needs to be done right. This project requires a lot of skill and experience to prevent costly, inconvenient, or even dangerous or fatal problems from occurring. It’s essential to be able to trust anyone who touches your electrical wiring to keep you and your home or business safe

The Importance of Expert Electrical Work

Like it or not, electrical work is not a DIY project. We live in an age of people commonly thinking they’re an expert on subjects they have little experience in, mostly due to the availability of knowledge through online articles and videos providing tutorials on just about everything. This, combined with many homeowners wanting to save money, ends up inspiring people to take repair jobs around the home into their own hands. However, there’s a lot going on behind your home or business’s walls and above the ceiling that you never see. Attempting to enter this world of electrical wiring and manipulate it yourself can result in some pretty unpleasant, even fatal, outcomes.

It’s important you know these things before attempting any electrical remodeling work on your own:

You could cause a fire quickly. It’s no secret that electricity has the very real ability to cause major fires. Electrical fires often begin out of sight, and before you know it, could ravage the structure of your home or office and put you and others in danger very quickly.

Inexperience can be fatal. In the battle of electricity versus humans, electricity will always win if you don’t know how to work with it. Messing with electricity when you don’t have the official knowledge and skill to do so can result in an error that causes electrocution. This could lead to paralysis, loss of nerve or neurological functioning, organ damage, and even death, which is why electricity is nothing to play with.

You might break the law. Every state has building codes and strict specifications and regulations on electrical work. Without detailed knowledge of these codes, you could perform work that renders your home or business not up to code, which could lead to fines or legal issues. That’s why it’s best to leave it to a professional who is required to be up to date on these regulations and knows exactly how to work within them.

It could get expensive. When you don’t fully know what you’re doing with electrical wiring, you run the risk of making a mistake that interrupts or shuts down electricity to outlets, whole rooms, or even your entire home. Attempting to fix the mistake can result in more damage and danger, which is why it’s recommended to let an expert handle the job so it’s performed correctly from the start, sparing you the time and money it will cost to fix the damage before the remodeling.

Experience-Backed Electricians

When you need electrical remodeling, call on the pros. Electrical work is no simple project. It requires skill to be done safely and correctly, ensuring you and your home or business get through the remodel without hassle or injury. If you need electrical remodeling in the Raleigh, Clayton, or Wilmington areas, contact CMC Electric. We’ve been a preferred electrician in the area for years thanks to our reliability and reputation of doing the job right the first time. Our team is highly experienced and trained, and we provide firm, upfront cost quotes so you don’t have to worry about surprises later on

Things to Know About Electrics When Building a New Home

Building a new home can be incredibly exciting. But many people find that they get so consumed by the design and project management aspects of their new home that crucial elements, such as its electrical requirements, can be overlooked. If you get these wrong, the consequences facing your home can range from mere inconvenience, right through to major health and safety risks.


While you may be thinking of how rooms will be coordinated and where features will be situated, it’s necessary to first determine the position of electrical outlets and wiring for your communication devices. This is so you can then place electrical equipment in the appropriate places with connection to electricity. Consultation with a qualified and experienced master electrician can help you to achieve this end.


In making decisions about the electrics you’ll need in your new home, it’s important to realise that your total electrical system is comprised of the electrical service, as well as lighting outlets and a range of appliances that are hardwired. It’s worthwhile noting that your electrical service needs to be of a sufficient size to match the needs of the people living in your house. Typically, one hundred to two hundred amps are adequate for a standard-sized house and household.


In this day and age, where technology is incredibly advanced, a number of people choose to have large systems for audio, visual, and entertainment purposes, as well as home-based offices. If you’re such a person, it’s wise to find out more about the options available for your home’s electrical system. It may be necessary for you to have an advanced wiring system in your home.


When it comes to electricity, many of us are concerned about the rising costs and negative environmental effects. Many people building new homes therefore appreciate knowing that a control system can be used to moderate the costs of energy. Such systems can be remotely controlled from your home, and while this capability may seem futuristic, they can ultimately save you money and ensure that your home is safe when you’re not there.

Lighting and Electrical Considerations for Vancouver Home Renovation

There are many things to learn whenever you renovate your house. Our decisions are incredibly crucial to making sure we can enjoy living in our homes. Electricity is an essential element in everyone’s home these days. Making bad electrical choices is something one cannot afford.

Having an experienced electrician by your side when planning for your home renovation would be a great idea for saving time and money. You will easily be able to avoid future regrets by making these important changes.

Never Over light

Overlighting the interiors is one of the most commonly made mistakes you will find in most home renovations.

Mix it Up

Using conventional lighting options and techniques time after time is one of the biggest reasons why most people are never satisfied with their lighting. This reason is why we suggest you mix it up and give your house a new look simply by changing the way you light it.

Do Not Use Outdated Lighting

Using outdated lighting inside your residence is a surefire way to make it look bad. Although illumination is a primary purpose of every light, there is much more to it than that.

Upgrading Your Property’s Electrical Components

Remodeling and renovation projects often require the services of an electrician. Due to the inherent dangers of working with electricity, this is not a job for you to tackle on your own. We provides electrical services for remodeling and renovation projects.

Wiring for Home Remodeling

Are you adding a bathroom, new room addition, enlarging the kitchen, or adding a new wall to your home? In these situations, new wiring is needed to provide electricity to the new space. We can make the changes to your electrical system that are needed to deliver power where you need it. Our experienced Wake Forest electricians will provide the new electrical components, install panels upgrades, and ensure that everything is installed safely.

Upgrades for Home Renovation

Often, the wiring in older homes does not meet current safety standards. People are often unaware of the potential risks caused by outdated electrical system components. A home renovation project provides the opportunity to upgrade the wiring system in your home. We can show you how to improve the safety of your electrical system.

Electrical remodeling is important for ensuring the optimal functioning of your home when it comes to electricity and using electrical appliances or devices. Do you notice your home’s electrical bulbs dying out sooner than they should be? This could be a sign that your home is in need of electrical remodeling. With electrical remodeling, your home’s light systems will function better and will last you longer. Electrical remodeling is also important for preventing power surges that could lead to costly damages to your home appliances and devices. Electrical remodeling for your home can be a tricky and dangerous task for homeowners to complete on their own. If you are looking to remodel and renovate electrical work in your home, it is important to consult an electric professional. Did you know that there are over 51,000 electrical home fires that occur alone each year, due to such occurrences?