A Few Natural Fast Acting Remedies For Mosquitoes Bites

Get Rid of Mosquitoes and Mosquito Control

Mosquitoes are frequently in the news because they are both a nuisance and a health threat. It is important to reduce mosquito populations around your home and other living and recreational areas.

Mosquitoes thrive in tropical weather, but are found throughout the USA. Many species (not all) rest during the day in dense vegetation such as tall grass, weeds, and shrubs. Any successful mosquito control program should target these areas.

Mosquito Reproduction:

Female mosquitoes ingest blood to lay eggs. They use the protein found in blood. They feed on humans by following the scent of our exhaled carbon dioxide, tracking our body heat, and detecting the complex blend of scents found on our skin. An average female mosquito will be 2.5x her unfed weight.

Remove Standing Water

Mosquitoes can breed in any standing water, but they are particularly drawn to standing water with lots of organic debris. Nasty water is a common place to find mosquito larvae. During the summer months, you can verify a water source’s mosquito content by dipping a cup into the stagnant water. Look for mosquito larvae in the cup. The larvae are about the size of a fingernail and they squiggle around.

To eliminate mosquito breeding sites, begin with obvious areas and empty the water from them. These sites include old tires, buckets, wheel barrows, and clogged gutters. Flower pots and the saucers that they sit on are often over-looked so check these. In-ground pool drains remove water from the pool decking, and they are often full of water. The pool drains aren’t easily emptied, but they can be treated with Mosquito Bits or Altosid Pro-G Granules. Mosquito bits can also be placed anywhere that frequently collects water.

Should You Spray Your Yard for Mosquitoes and Ticks?

If you’re considering spraying your yard to ward off mosquitoes and ticks, you’ll have no shortage of companies to choose from. As the list of mosquito- and tick-borne diseases grows (thanks in part to the 2016 Zika outbreak), the insect-control business is booming.

“There’s been a proliferation of companies that are doing mosquito control,” says Stanton Cope, former president of the American Mosquito Control Association. “But some of them are much more professional than others.” Some companies may spray without proper licensing, experience, or equipment.

Spraying is serious business, Cope says. The Environmental Protection Agency has approved a number of pesticides for residential spraying, saying they are generally safe when used properly. But the agency also warns that any chemical spray poses some risks. And those risks are made far worse if the person doing the spraying isn’t properly trained.

nexperienced sprayers may lead you to waste your money by spraying chemicals the wrong way or by using products that don’t work. And they can expose you to unnecessary risk. Misapplied chemicals can result in more toxins reaching your children and pets, and they can harm natural foliage and nonthreatening insects (some of which have protective effects). They can also breed insecticide resistance, which will make any existing insect problems much worse.

Start With Simple Steps

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the EPA say that for reducing insect populations around your home, integrated pest management (IPM) is the best first step.


The onset of the rainy season in South Africa does a whole lot more than make the surrounding foliage grow. They also bring out a whole host of creatures many of us would rather not deal with – most infuriating of all, mosquitoes. During this time, organised mosquito control is necessary not only because they make us itch, but also to prevent the spread of disease in humans and animals.


We use professional, effective mosquito treatment that work fast and are safe for a number of internal and external environments


We work quickly to ensure that your mosquito problem is dealt with swiftly, minimising downtime for your family or business.


All our technicians are expertly skilled and registered with the Department of Agriculture.


Avoid stagnant or standing pools of water where mosquitoes breed

Mosquito Control

Mosquito Control

Unfortunately, if you live in Florida, you’re probably more familiar than you’d ever want to be with mosquitoes. There are pests, and then there are mosquitoes. Mosquitoes not only intrude on a good time and are a nuisance, but they can also dangerous. Many of the diseases mosquitoes can spread, like malaria or yellow fever, don’t show up in the United States, but others can, like Zika Virus. In other words, mosquitoes are a bigger threat than most people realize — a threat that should be dealt with sooner rather than later.

Why Mosquito Control Is Important

We all hate mosquitos for the obvious reasons — they are irritating, leave itchy bites, and can make spending time outside significantly less enjoyable. All these reasons on their own should be enough to justify mosquito control services. But in case you are looking for even more reasons for mosquito control in Florida, did you know that mosquitoes can carry and transmit dangerous, sometimes lethal, diseases to humans?

Top Rated Mosquito Control

Our Approach To Home Mosquito Control

Finding a top-rated mosquito spray service for your backyard is made easy by the team of mosquito control experts at American Pest. Our licensed professionals have been providing Washington D.C., Maryland, and Virginia residents with quality pest control services for nearly a century

Mosquito Treatments for Special Events

We recognize that peak mosquito season begins and ends during graduation and wedding season. That’s why we offer a one-time mosquito spray service for your outdoor special event. Regardless of your number of party guests, we can accommodate small yards with intimate gatherings to lavish parties with expansive lawns. If you are hosting a ceremony, cookout, or planning a backyard party, let our certified mosquito control experts spray the area 24-48 hours beforehand to decrease the number of mosquitoes invading your summer gathering. 


A professional mosquito control technician will perform a thorough inspection of your yard to identify where mosquitoes live and breed.


Your technician will use a specialized misting system that applies a repellent mosquito treatment around your yard, paying special attention to bushes, shrubs, and areas that retain moisture. Your mosquito service will be performed monthly during peak periods of activity (typically April to September).


We’ll stop mosquitoes before they even start by treating breeding areas with a biological mosquito larvacide.  This will stop developing mosquitoes in their tracks!